Frequently Asked Questions:

What is required to use the range?

You must have a valid state/government-issued ID, be legally able to possess firearms, and not currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You must also possess a basic knowledge of firearms and know how to operate your firearm safely. 

I have never fired a gun before can I come and shoot on the range? 
We encourage all new shooters to first take our firearms introduction course or be accompanied by an experienced shooter. We do offer new shooter assistance for an extra fee when staff is available. All machinegun rentals are supervised and do not require any prior experience with firearms.

Do I have to become a member?
Memberships are available but not required. 

Is the age limit to use the range?
No, but we do require that anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. All children must be at least 4ft tall in order to use the range. 

Can I bring my own firearms and ammunition?
Yes, you are only required to purchase our ammo if you rent one of our guns. Although armor-piercing/steel core, tracer, military surplus ammo of unknown specs and black powder ammunition are prohibited from the range. 

What is the largest Caliber allowed on the range?
We allow only calibers that generate a maximum of 2,500 ft/lbs of energy or less

Are shotguns allowed on the range?
NO, due to repeated damage to our target system equipment, we had to suspend all shotgun use.

Are reloads ok?
Yes, as long as they only contain smokeless powder. 

I am under 21 can I shoot a handgun on the range? 
Yes if you bring your own firearms and ammunition or you with someone over 21 who has rented one of our handguns and purchased the ammunition. 

Do you sell guns and ammo?
Yes, we are a full retail shop we carry handguns, rifles, shotguns, and suppressors, and all other NFA firearms. We are also licensed firearms MFG so we can also do custom builds of AR’s, AK’s, FAL, HK G3/MP5, etc. We can always custom order firearms that we do not carry. 

Do you carry eye and ear protection?
Yes, we have eye and ear protection available for rent or purchase. 

Is your air filtered?
Yes, our system is a LEED-certified(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) HEPA filtration HVAC, that maintains a continuous high-volume airflow to pull all discharged material away from the shooter. It has a three-stage HEPA filtration system, which filters out 99.99% of all contaminants. 

Do you have a dress code? 
No, we do not but we encourage all our customers to dress appropriately. Any exposed skin can come in contact with hot brass low-cut shirts, shorts and opened-toed shoes are not recommended. High heels are seriously dangerous on the range and are prohibited. 

I am pregnant/ or nursing can I shoot on the range?
No due to the fact that fetuses and infants are highly susceptible to the effects of even trace amounts of lead. Pregnant or nursing women should never shoot or handle ammunition or use firearms during this period. 

I am not a US citizen can I rent firearms for use on your range? 
Yes, our range is open to all non-US citizens provided they possess a valid passport or Visa. 

Do I need to make a reservation? 
At this time we only offer reservations to large groups of 10 or more. 

When are your busiest times?
Weekends are typically our highest traffic days but rarely do customers have to wait more than 15 minutes to get on a lane. Summertime is typically our slowest season of the year so it is unusual for anyone to have to wait during this period.