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    Brent Martin

         Vice President​        



About Hawkeye Shooting Academy

The ownership and use of firearms continues to be a controversial subject. While we recognize everyone’s right to an opinion, we are strong supporters of the Second Amendment.

While we believe the ownership of a firearm is a constitutional right, we equally believe that firearm ownership mandates a personal responsibility.

For the individual interest in hunting, target sports or home defense, Hawkeye Shooting Academy is here to help you maximize your knowledge and provide a facility where you may safely practice and develop the skills necessary for the safe and efficient handling of a firearm.

We ask all of our members to remember the following:

  • Accept and respect the responsibility of firearm ownership
  • Never purchase a firearm out of fear
  • Practice is essential for any skill, the use of a firearm is no different
  • We look forward to your visit to our establishment.


       R.I.P 200?- 2016