Hawkeye Shooting Academy Events

Learn to Shoot I Fee $200 (Private Instruction Only)

We offer a Learn to Shoot class that is designed to teach the new shooter the fundamentals of firearm safety, handling, and range etiquette. In this class, you may handle different types of handguns both revolvers and semi-automatics upon request. Ammo must be purchased at Hawkeye for use through our guns. Cost of ammo varies.  Class is a minimum of 2 hours but can run 3 depending on students needs. 

Texas License to Carry Course  Fee is $100   

The state of Texas requires this course for anyone seeking to obtain a Texas License to Carry. The course is six hours long; students will need to bring a handgun .22 caliber or higher and 50 rounds of commercial ammunition (no reloaded or surplus ammunition) as well as eye and ear protection. The course comes with one free handgun rental. You have 3 attempts to pass, additional qualifications are $30 each. 

Advanced Pistol Course  Fee is $250 (Private Instruction Only)

This course will take shooters past the basics and introduce them to intermediate and advanced shooting techniques. This course will cover engagement zones on the target, distance,
 shooting drills, clearing stoppages and malfunctions, reload drills, weapons transitions and manipulation, low-light/no-light engagements, drawing from a holster, using cover and concealment, moving targets, and multiple target engagements.
For this course, shooters should have a holster and a magazine retention device. The focus of this course is to take a shooter who understands the basics of sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, and weapons safety to prepare them to use their firearm in a hostile encounter effectively.