Czerka Arms

Hawkeye Shooting Range is also home to Czerka Armaments Research is a federally licensed manufacturer of firearms including weapons regulated under the National Firearms Act of 1934 (Machineguns, Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles & Shotguns, and firearms designated as “Any Other Weapon”)

Services offered to both Law Enforcement and Civilian customers.

Services Provided:

  • Firearm Sales, We can get just about anything you want
  • Firearms Transfers, including NFA*
  • Gunsmithing Services, repair, and customization of both standard and NFA weapons
  • Firearms Refinishing and restoration;  we offer a variety of firearm finishes such as Bluing, Parkerizing, powder coating and epoxy paint finishes(Ceracoat) 
  • Parts locator, if you need a part and cannot find it, we can obtain one for you or we can make one. Custom Firearm Builds, we can build custom firearms of the following types: AR15, AK (All Models), HK G3 & G33 and FN FAL

Firearms Transfer Request