Jessica Bush

Firearms specialist & Customer Service Rep.

Jo Adcock

RSO/Gunsmith &
Certified Cerakote Applicator

Chuck Frary

   Firearms Instructor   Range Officer

    Brent Martin

         Vice President​        


Bob Brown

Expert Expert


       R.I.P 200?- 2016


Kim Martin

General Manager & LTC/Firearms Instructor

​(254) 295-0951

About Hawkeye Shooting Academy

The ownership and use of firearms continue to be a hot topic. While we recognize everyone’s right to an opinion, we are strong supporters of the Second Amendment.

While we believe the ownership of a firearm is a constitutional right, we equally believe that firearm ownership mandates a person be well educated in its use and upkeep.

For the individual interest in hunting, target sports or home defense, Hawkeye Shooting Academy is here to help you maximize your knowledge and provide a facility where you may safely practice and develop the skills necessary for the safe and efficient handling of a firearm.

We ask all of our members to remember the following:

  • Accept and respect the responsibility of firearm ownership
  • Never purchase a firearm out of fear
  • Practice is essential for any skill, the use of a firearm is no different
  • We look forward to your visit to our establishment.

Kim and Brent

         Ian Martin 

        Sales-Gun Tech

Hawkeye Staff​