Machine Guns For Rent:

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Rental Fees

Handgun Rental – $10.00              Rifle Rental – $20.00  
Machine Gun Rental – $45.00

All Firearm Rentals Require Ammunition Purchase

Classes offered at Hawkeye:

  • License To Carry LTC $100.00 - 5-7- hours depending on the size of the class (formerly Concealed Handgun License CHL) Get your license to carry a firearm. Learn the laws about when and where you can carry and what you need to know about carrying a handgun. You will need a 32 or higher Cal. firearm and at least 50 rounds of ammo. Bring your driver's license or valid form of ID. Food and drinks are allowed in the classroom. Call the range for any questions or more class info.  
  • Learn to Shoot l $95.00 - 2 hours -Learn to shoot is cover the basic firearm handling and safety skills. Designed to instruct someone who has never shot before and would like to learn from the ground up. Class starts in our classroom, and then we practice shooting in the range.
  • Learn to Shoot II $95.00 - 2 hours -This class is designed to help you continue your shooting skills after learning the basic gun handling skills. 
  • Advanced Pistol class $100.00 - 2 hours- This course is intended to introduce the student to higher level shooting drills. The shooter will need A holster and extra mags for this class. 
  • All classes require eye and ear protection. Must bring in proof of identification to use the range. Included in all courses is one free gun rental (all rental firearms require the purchase of ammunition.)

​The Range is Currently Closed Due to The Coronavirus Pandemic by Order of Bell County 

At this time we are keeping the gunshop open for limited hours for customers wanting to purchases guns & ammo. We have limited stock so please call in advance. We will post updates as soon as they become available.

Thank you

 Hourly Range Fees Per Lane 
 One Shooter - $20.00 
 Two Shooters - $15.00 each
 Three Shooters - $13.33 each
 Four Shooters - $12.50 each

  Hours of Operation
​Monday: Closed 

Tuesday-Thursday: 11am-7pm

Friday: 10am-8pm

Saturday: 10am-8pm

Sunday: 1pm-6pm

 At Hawkeye Shooting Academy…

We offer shooters a safe and climate controlled environment for both handguns and long guns*. The Hawkeye staff is committed to outstanding customer service, and we know you will find us friendly, informative and willing to help you with any of your shooting needs. We look forward to your visit!